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Into the fairness swamp

On the radio show this week, a bonanza of fairness, compassion, equality, kindness, quotas and…ball security (should have put a trigger warning on that one).

  • top men

    Earthiness, Treasure and Muzzles (plus Top Men)Podcasts

    On the show this week — Scott channels the spirit of Julian Simon, the Governor unleashes his Top Men to find treasure and the Muzzle Awards

  • Mad as hell

    The joys of tax seasonPodcasts

    On this week’s radio show…it’s tax madness season once again; there’s a presidential race going on (and you should vote in the BD poll); plus gender neutrality at the White House, football, baseball, and…Taco Bell.

  • rfra

    Love thy neighbor…or elsePodcasts

    On the show this week: peace, love and understanding. With a healthy dollop of state coercion.

  • mcauliffe_baby

    The Macker borrows a veto penPodcasts

    Plus redistricting follies, public school nonsense, whacking taxes, the war on buffets and geese…all on this week’s radio show.

  • haley_family

    VPOD: Vince Haley, Senate Candidate, 12th DistrictPodcasts, Politics

    Campaigning on eliminating the state income tax is bound to get a candidate noticed.

  • wall

    Racing into stonewallsPodcasts

    On this episode of the radio show…why on earth does Virgina have liquor cops; it’s all about race (even the coffee); cops building stone walls and the EPA wants to shower with you (to make sure you’re doing it right).

  • nixon head

    The government we deservePodcasts

    On the show this week…the public speaks, Tim Kaine makes a scene, Bill Janis seeks a comeback, and the Macker as food pusher.

  • janis

    VPOD: Bill Janis, senate candidate, 12th DistrictPodcasts, Politics

    Bill Janis wants to be a state senator. He talks about why he’s the best choice to succeed Walter Stosch in this podcast.

  • hippies

    Fun with hippiesPodcasts

    Protesting climate change in February as the General Assembly slinks out of town after Joe Biden decides to emancipate your wallet. All that, and more, on this week’s radio show…