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Victimhood and its enablers

On the radio show this week: the murderous wages of victimhood and the political enablers who seek to profit from it.

  • Krusty

    What the hell was that?Podcasts

    On the show this week: talking positive and negative liberty at Liberty U; the General Assembly may have been in town (no one is entirely sure); Uber has Mark Warner worried; the 14th Amendment kerfuffle, and your bags, please.

  • Trump Fallon

    Punchline politicsPodcasts

    On the radio show this week: Trumping toward the future; Democrats want to play Santa; The EPA befouls the Colorado River; Glen Sturtevant hits a nerve, and Buchanan, Virginia stomps on free enterprise.

  • debate

    About Thursday night…Podcasts

    On the radio show this week…the Saturday Night Live candidate debate (on a Thursday — check your local listings)…the Earth turns against humanity…Wasserman Schultz waffles…and Netflix wants new parents to stay home.

  • steve batton

    Of life, liberty, and the pursuit of votesPodcasts

    Steve Batton and Jim Hoeft take over for Scott this week and are joined by Sen. Dick Black, newly-minted GOP presidential candidate Jim Gilmore and Sen. Mark Obenshain. Plus, a caller wants to stick up for Planned Parenthood.

  • WCHV-Radio-Mic-150-150x150

    On the Radio with Walter Olson of Overlawyered.comPodcasts, Policy’s Walter Olson talks about product labeling and same-sex marriage in this podcast.

  • Hillary glasses

    Clinton takes a hitPodcasts

    On the radio show this week…Hillary’s poll problem is much worse than the horse race numbers show; sensitively scrubbing history; Democratic bingo and Patrick Henry.

  • Ingsoc

    Your bad thoughts will be punishedPodcasts

    On the show this week: spudding out, reaching out, and freaking out. Badthink will not be tolerated.

  • King George statue

    Lives, fortunes, and sacred honorPodcasts

    On the show this week: independence. Celebrate it, and learn from it.

  • serf

    Mind your place, peasantsPodcasts

    On the radio show this week — Obamacare wins, culture loses, and mind your place, peasant.