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King Canute Defies the Waves

Canute on the Potomac

On the show this week…forget ISIS, focus on global warming. Pausing a bit on refugees; the General Assembly is preparing to return to town (bury the silver now). And Thanksgiving.

  • Liberte guidant

    Vive la FrancePodcasts

    Hollande vows a pitiless war against the terrorists; Edith Piaf; and the show, in which Scott looks back at the GOP debate, and forward at a nation filled with outraged snowflakes.

  • Nast election elephant

    Sifting through the resultsPodcasts

    On the show this week…election results, here and elsewhere. Plus, newly elected Sen. Amanda Chase joins us to talk about entering the public arena.

  • kiss

    VPOD: 2015 RecapPodcasts, Politics

    We know you want to hear it. Just listen.

  • McAuliffe 580

    McAuliffe unpluggedPodcasts

    The commonwealth slouches toward election day, and the Governor comes slightly unhinged. Plus, presidential debates, hackery, and Halloween.

  • boss tweed

    The really big money comes to Virginia politicsPodcasts

    On the radio show this week: An ocean of anti-gun cash washes up on Virginia’s political shores…Jim Webb gets an extra 15 minutes…and kids.

  • nancy_dye

    VPOD: Nancy Dye, S-21 GOP CandidatePodcasts

    State Senate hopeful Nancy Dye discusses job creation, taxes, Medicaid expansion, gun control, and a myriad of issues facing the voters in the 21st District.

  • Warner debate

    No gigs for youPodcasts

    On the radio show this week: listener mail, the gig economy, and the many faces of diversity (except when it comes to ideas).

  • kasich_richmond

    VPOD: McAuliffe remake, “The Schoolmaster”; Kasich visit; Presidential Polling; Wittman pivotPodcasts

    Leahy, Kenney, Hall and Hoeft take on the news affecting Virginia politics this week.

  • capitol

    The Score this week: abortion, debt, guns, and taxesPodcasts

    On the show this week…Planned Parenthood, debt ceilings and RICO, Phil Van Cleave on the Governor’s gun proposal, the candidates and their tax plans and much more.