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Grubermania, with a dash of torture

On the radio show, Scott has us meet the Grubers — Jonathan and Meg — and gets a civics lesson from both of them. Plus, all we want for Christmas is a torture report.

  • Bing Crosby

    Sorry, Bing. White Christmas is just too offensivePodcasts

    On the radio show this week — pour the egg nog down the drain and get that tree out of the house. Plus, the Macker still has eyes only for your wallet.

  • obama with pen

    The lone wolvesPodcasts

    On the show this week: the President goes it alone on immigration, Tim Kaine’s anti-Keystone solo on the Senate floor and Jim Webb decides to go first in the 2016 presidential sweepstakes.

  • rigell_victory

    VPOD: Congressman Scott RigellPodcasts, Politics

    Energy, the economy, national defense, and DC dysfunction. On immigration, Rigell says, “The president is unwisely – recklessly – taking us into a Constitutional crisis.”

  • Kirk Cox

    Taxes and kill switchesPodcasts

    Del. Kirk Cox joins Scott to talk about the special session, what’s happening with the gas tax and what this “kill switch” thing is that had everyone up in arms for a day or so. Plus, voters aren’t dumb, but some are willfully ignorant.

  • gillespie_600px

    VPOD: 2014 Truth – The Last Word with Shaun Kenney and Jason MiyaresPodcasts, Politics

    The leading conservative experts in Virginia breakdown tomorrow’s election in Virginia and the nation.

  • warner forum

    Fire Mark WarnerPodcasts

    It’s the last show before the election, and Scott Lee is on a mission…

  • Warner guffaw

    Stumbling through Warner CountryPodcasts

    On the show this week: Scott Lee returns to find Mark Warner still pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

  • kaine_betrayedcoal

    VPOD: Doug Domenech on proposed EPA regsPodcasts, Politics

    The war on coal is alive and well.

  • Gillespie ad warner

    SITREP on Virginia’s congressional racesPodcasts

    On the show this week: Shaun Kenney and I plunge deep into the heart of Virginia politics — House races, Senate race, redistricting, and 2015.