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VPOD: McAuliffe remake, “The Schoolmaster”; Kasich visit; Presidential Polling; Wittman pivot

Leahy, Kenney, Hall and Hoeft take on the news affecting Virginia politics this week.

  • capitol

    The Score this week: abortion, debt, guns, and taxesPodcasts

    On the show this week…Planned Parenthood, debt ceilings and RICO, Phil Van Cleave on the Governor’s gun proposal, the candidates and their tax plans and much more.

  • GOP_DEMS_headtohead

    VPOD: NDAA, CRs, Boehner, Obenshain, Energy, our politicsPodcasts

    A busy week on Capitol Hill gets Brian and Jim thinking about how America goes about formulating policy via its politics.

  • Animal house food fight

    The cafeteria of religion and politicsPodcasts

    On the show this week…the Pope’s here, the Pope’s here! Plus, where charity begins, lions’ dens, and Bernie Sanders.

  • rubio_600px

    VPOD: Tim Hugo, Rubio Virginia Campaign ChairmanPodcasts

    Rubio, Trump, the pope’s visit, Gary McCollum, and more!

  • George Allen

    George Allen on Donald TrumpPodcasts

    On the radio show this week: getting Bernie Sander’s take on the GOP presidential debate. Plus, quotas, attendance lines, and Rick Sincere’s interview with George Allen.

  • japanese gameshow

    The Japanese Game Show CampaignPodcasts

    On the show this week…the presidential campaign goes from tawdry, to absurd, to downright weird.

  • Charles Dickens

    A Tale of Two MarksPodcasts

    It was the best and worst of times in Virginia politics this week, with the Marks, Herring and Warner, making news and nonsense erupting just about everywhere else. Plus, Muppets.

  • Krusty

    What the hell was that?Podcasts

    On the show this week: talking positive and negative liberty at Liberty U; the General Assembly may have been in town (no one is entirely sure); Uber has Mark Warner worried; the 14th Amendment kerfuffle, and your bags, please.

  • Trump Fallon

    Punchline politicsPodcasts

    On the radio show this week: Trumping toward the future; Democrats want to play Santa; The EPA befouls the Colorado River; Glen Sturtevant hits a nerve, and Buchanan, Virginia stomps on free enterprise.