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Be joyful…and vigilant

On the show this week: Easter gives us hope, even as politics saddles us with despair.

  • queen of hearts

    Off with their headsPodcasts

    On the show this week…we’re just not doing enough for the ruling class.

  • joker

    “What the hell is this, a joke?”Podcasts

    John Boehner stumbles upon the truth, the tax nannies are out in Chesterfield county plus, Floyd Abrams and the upcoming “Muzzle Awards,” all on this week’s edition of “The Score.”

  • David Brat

    David Brat, on “The Score”Podcasts

    Scott Lee talks with one of the men seeking to retire Eric Cantor, plus, TMac’s money machine, student loans and much more.

  • don't drive angry

    Don’t Drive AngryPodcasts, Politics

    Shaun Kenney and I take apart the General Assembly and the congressional primaries, while Rick Sincere talks with Becky Norton Dunlop and Grover Norquist.

  • The Dude

    Have they left yet?Podcasts

    Extra time for the General Assembly, Facebook follies, celebratory gunfire, budget nonsense and a lot more, all on this week’s show.

  • dr evil shh

    What part of “shhh!” don’t you understand?Podcasts

    On the show this week, Scott leaves off taking luge lessons to explore the dark heart of state coercion. And Rick Sincere interviews Bruce Fein about the coming lawsuit against the NSA’s domestic snooping.

  • jungle book

    Trust in me…Podcasts

    On the radio show this week, defining conservatism and parsing the pols.

  • flappy bird

    Flappy Birds and LibertariansPodcasts

    On the show this week…a phone app goes away and the death threats follow plus, Robert Sarvis decides to challenge Mark Warner

  • sticker shock

    Sticker shock and breaking the lawPodcasts

    On this week’s show, we learn Scott Lee is a very bad man…