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  • palin91710

    First Losers Offer Sarah Palin Campaign AdvicePolitics

    I am not on the Sarah Palin for President bandwagon. In fact she joins the list of people I do not want to be the GOP nominee in 2012. That list includes Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and anybody with the last name Bush. Still, I find it laughable that people continue to […]

  • dncchange

    Democrats offer Change that Matters because we can no longer believe in the change they gave us in 2008.Politics

    Yesterday, we were in anticipation of Tim Kaine’s big announcement that was going to (and we quote), “excite Democrats across the country.” Well, here it is: Seriously, it’s a new logo and a new website (get yer own link). It’s no longer “Change we can believe in,” it’s “Change that Matters.” We are not making […]

  • boucherobama

    NRCC places $82,000 ad buy against BoucherPolitics

    The National Republican Congressional Committee will start airing ads this week against 28-year incumbent Rick Boucher in Virginia’s Fightin’ Ninth. [CQPolitics.] Boucher has long been safe in the 9th, but his key role in drafting Cap and Trade legislation may be eroding his support among the coal counties. Earlier this month Bearing Drift reported that […]

  • majorannouncement

    Tim Kaine: It’s a Major Award!Politics

    er…I mean, a Major Announcement. Word on the web is that former part-time Virginia Governor, now DNC Chair Tim “There’s nothing wrong with my eyebrow” Kaine will make a major announcement tomorrow regarding the future of the Democratic Party. According to CNN a source says “Kaine will announce something that will excite Democrats across the […]

  • warnerobama

    Mark Warner has a Deathbed of the Democratic Party ConversionPolicy

    Speaking to the Virginia Rural Summit today, Senator Mark Warner said “We’re at (a) moment of crisis…We’re not going to solve them with government spending,” [Richmond Times Dispatch] This would be the same Mark Warner who Voted YES on $192B additional anti-recession stimulus spending. [Omnibus Appropriations Act Amendment; Bill H.R. 3357 ; vote number 2009-S254 […]

  • 911tribute

    We Must Never ForgetCatch-All

    September 11, 2001 – Most of us remember exactly what we were doing when we first heard the word. I was reading the news on the Internet when I saw that the first plane had hit. At that point, we only assumed it was a small plane accident. Minutes later, we knew the difference. As […]

  • ballprofile

    First District Candidate Krystal Ball’s Magical MillionsPolitics

    Over at Virginia Virtucon, Riley has been doing an excellent job delving into 1st District Congressional candidate Krystal Ball’s finances. The latest from Riley: So now they are on their FOURTH explanation of where and how Ball received the $1 million to $5 million in K12, Inc. stock that showed up on her latest financial […]

  • Bearing Drift Magazine – September 2010Catch-All

    The September Issue of Virginia Politics on Demand takes a look at Education in Virginia. Education often is seen as a national issue, represented through a debate on whether the federal government has the right to set policy, and to what extent. Often lost is the role of the states in determining how best to […]

  • ballotbox

    Sabato: 2010 was always going to be a Republican yearPolitics

    In his latest Cyrstal Ball (not to be confused with the 1st District candidate with questionable finances) UVA Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato currently projects that Republicans will gain as many as 47 house seats, 9 senate seats and 9 governorships. That gives the Republicans control of the House, and a good step up […]

  • dmv

    DMV to be open Saturday, Sunday, Labor DayPolicy

    As if the legislature cancelling insurance coverage of their Viagra wasn’t enough to make DMV workers even more cranky than usual, now they have to work on a holiday weekend. Governor McDonnell announced this afternoon that, due to the recent computer problems, DMV offices will be open this weekend on Saturday, Sunday and yes, on […]