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It’s time for Sgt. Hulka’s big toe to make a comeback

On the radio show this week…Scott and Jim talk Virginia congressional primaries; racism, it’s still a thing; Hillary’s deck of woman cards, and women in combat? Plus, designer Hillary.

  • cornholio1

    You could do worse, America. And probably will.Podcasts

    On the radio show this week…the President’s greatest hits; executive orders on the docket; the path to weirdness; and Steph Curry. Things aren’t bad everywhere.

  • garyjohnsoncpac

    From the LP Convention, with Gary Johnson and Bill WeldPodcasts

    Rick Sincere talks with Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, and the man Johnson hopes will be his running mate, Bill Weld.

  • McAuliffe 580

    Terry and the FedsPodcasts

    On the show this week: Paul Goldman on the Governor’s federal troubles; Phil Van Cleave on Katie Couric’s video hatchet job; Rick Sincere talk LP presidential politics with party chairman Nicholas Sarwark, and Memorial Day with Mr. Reagan.

  • Indy

    They really built it, IndyPodcasts

    On the radio show this week: a tale of TSA woe and visa hope; Noah’s Ark (really, it’s being built again); felons rights and war powers wrongs;, and a dose of Milton Friedman. Good for what ails ya’.

  • Miracle Max

    Have fun stormin’ the castle, DonaldPodcasts

    On the radio show this week…what the hell just happened? Plus, other things that are sure to get Scott put on a list.

  • Tweed counting

    Identity politics for allPodcasts

    On the radio show this week: the woman card gets played, felons are getting rights again, Ted Cruz calls Carly Fiorina off the bench, and Ken Cuccinelli joins us.

  • vlad

    Happy Earth Day, ComradesPodcasts

    On the radio show this week: gender confusion, planetary madness, and veto follies. With guests Myron Ebell of CEI, and House Majority Leader Kirk Cox.

  • No

    Gov. NoPodcasts

    On the show this week: The Macker heats up the veto pen; Rep. Dave Brat joins Scott to talk about refugees, immigration, and the budget; protesting the pols, and a General Assembly lesson.

  • Mad as hell

    Scott v. the GovernorPodcasts

    On the radio show this week…Scott Lee takes strong issue with the Governor’s veto of a religious freedom bill; Mr. Obama lectures Argentina’s youth on socialism; soccer follies, and global warming.