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Dick Black

Shame on Dick Black!

State Sen. Dick Black is now on the list of “on notice” legislators targeted by the PAC Emily’s List, but makes another gaffe.

  • 2016 RPV State Cental Convention/Primary vote

    Live updates from the RPV State Central Committee MeetingPolitics

    Bearing Drift is lucky enough to have two contributors in the room: Zach Martin and Emily Brewer. We will be publishing their observations as we receive them.

  • DPVA Chair Susan Swecker. Photo courtesy of the Democratic Party of Virginia.

    VPOD: Susan Swecker, chair, Democratic Party of VirginiaPodcasts

    Fundraising, IT, outreach, and primaries v. conventions. How the DPVA is working towards making its case.

  • QuentinKidd72dpi

    VPOD: State Senate in the balance with Dr. Quentin KiddPodcasts, Politics

    Will the Virginia senate remain in Republican hands or will Democrats take it back? Find out what the primaries told us and what needs to be done with Dr. Quentin Kidd of Christopher Newport University.

  • donald_caldwell

    And then there were three in the 21 Senate DistrictPolitics

    Long rumored candidate, former Roanoke City Democratic Committee Chairman Don Caldwell, has finally entered the Senate District 21 race and is running as an independent against Nancy Dye, the Republican, and Sen. John Edwards, the incumbent Democrat.

  • Cosgrove_Haley_signs

    Primary Day Open ThreadPolitics

    While it probably isn’t the “most important election in history”, it is important to some. So, if you’re participating, let us know what you see!

  • chase

    VPOD: Amanda Chase, state senate candidatePodcasts

    Amanda Chase is seeking the GOP nomination in Virginia Senate District 11 and discusses in this interview her background, beliefs, and vision for serving as the next senator from the 11th.

  • Cross-the-Line

    Virginia First Foundation/Campaign for Liberty/NAGR Target CosgrovePolitics

    New PACs trying to make a name for themselves in Virginia Senate District 14. But are their tactics over the line?

  • desteph

    VPOD: Del. Bill DeStephPodcasts, Politics

    In this podcast, DeSteph talks about his rationale for making the leap after just one term from delegate to senator, his background as a Navy veteran and successful entrepreneur, and the polices he hopes to implement as a state senator.

  • Steve Martin

    VPOD: State Sen. Steve MartinPodcasts, Politics

    In this podcast Martin discusses the district, his priorities, and the remainder of this primary election, which will be held June 9th.