Bad Santas, Bad Deals and Kindly InquisitorsPodcasts


On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott takes umbrage at a Greenpeace video that tells kids Christmas has been cancelled. Due to global warming, of course. Watch the video, and you’ll see that this Santa looks a bit like Billy Bob Thornton’s “Bad Santa.” But not as charming.

Later, Scott and I talk about the federal budget deal, and the possibility of a contest in the AG’s race. We both think that would be a very bad thing. And our special correspondent Rick Sincere sits down with Jonathan Rauch about the new edition of his book, Kindly Inquisitors.

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  • Jim Portugul

    I could care less about Global Warming.

    Matthew 24:5-9, that is all one needs to know about global warming. And that is not a rumor.

    You want to balance the budget? Bring the jobs back to the US, put people back to work.

    Why anyone would listen to, or quote anyone, who committed adultery is beyond me. Right or Left, a person who violates their wedding vows can be forgiven, but never again trusted.

    On another note, I guess when Leyland left, you where not ready for the big league? I don’t much care for the new guy, but still, I wish him well.

    • NormLeahy

      Thanks for listening!