Reagan: “Those Voices Don’t Speak For Us”PolicyVideos

An oldie, but a goodie when you want to remind yourself of why we’re in this fight:

Reagan was right then.  Reagan is right today.

  • Jim Portugul

    You can show film after film of what Presidents like Kennedy, Reagan, or Clinton have said. Or. Whoever.

    What is important to me, is not what they said, but what did they do, or not do. In other words, their works.

    What problems did a President face, and what problems did he solve? Was the country better off when he left than when he got there?

    Not solving the problems of other countries, but problems of the country that he was elected to manage, the USA.

    Obviously, you would like less regulation. What don’t you address the Greenspan apology? And, why don’t you address the airline. oil company , deregulation and their affect on the middle-class?

    Why don’t you address the regulation of corn in gasoline and the price of a steak now a days?

    Why don’t you address PAC money?

    Why don’t you talk about how Roosevelt got another Kennedy to clean up Wall St., and who 60 yrs. later screwed that

    I doubt Kennedy or Reagan could comprehend, or, have done any better than anyone else these days due to the corruption of the American people, and the fact that our government is a reflection of its people.

    No form of government works with the amount of corruption we have now in America.

    There is going to come a day when people are going to cry and beg for a leader to save us from ourself, one who has far more rank than Reagan, or any other person on earth.

    Crying out for Reagan is just the beginning.

    • Turbocohen

      This video reminds us that before we knew Reagan as we know him today that we do in fact have a few upstanding voices on the rise.. Jim DeMint, Scott Walker, Rand Paul among a few others come to mind.. Let us not look past them and what they mean to the next generation.

      • MD Russ


        You left out Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and the rest of the Straitjacket Caucus.

        • Jim Portugul

          Yes, and the whole bunch is under the spell of the hate radio “Fuhrer”!

          • Shaun Kenney

            You know, people with IP randomizers always bother me.

            (1) They’re that extra special sort of neurotic.
            (2) They really think that it blocks their IP… really…
            (3) They don’t realize that the anonymizers they use still rely on a set IP address that typically relies on the first six digits to be stable.
            (4) …and they’re so easy to block. Unless #1 kicks in… in which case I find new anonymizers to block.

            Portugul — troll elsewhere. First warning.

          • Jim Portugul

            Go ahead martyr me.

          • Warmac9999

            How convenient of you to leave out MSNBC in the hate category. It is an entire television network working 24/7 to build hatred for Americans who still believe the Constitution still has meaning. The “Fuhrer of Radio” is one voice and yet there are many others who value the Constitution. So, go ahead, hate away. You are the worse for it, and I grow stronger knowing your fear.

        • Turbocohen

          MD, Can’t include Cruz, Rubio or Bolling..

  • louexis

    In listening to this video one thought comes to mind. “Who is the “WE” Reagan is talking about?” As president I thought he governed all of us. In listening to him I get the impression he wishes to govern some special segment of our population to protect them from some foreign element within our borders. Is this the divide between Republicans and Democrats?

    • Turbocohen

      Its the divide between constitutional conservatives vs liberals.

      • louexis

        You may call it that but to me it sounds like “Class Warfare”. Is President Reagan’s people the good guys and the citizens that want the government to change with the times the bad people? During our Founding Fathers time it took 3 days to go between Richmond and Philadelphia. Today it takes 0ne hour. Than there were 3 million people now there are 300 million people. Then they did not have the cotton gin now technology is taking over the world. When you say constitutional conservatives all you are saying is you don’t want to acknowledge the facts of life.

    • Warmac9999

      I suggest you replace Reagan with Obama. A far better man of division.

    • midwestconservative

      Because winning 59% of the popular vote and 49 of 50 states is “division”

    • midwestconservative

      Also it should be noted that Reagan is speaking “His Time for Choosing” Speech which was back in 1964, he wasn’t seeking to “govern” anybody at that time, he was stumping for Goldwater, and this was in the midst of the Cold War.

    • midwestconservative

      In the context of the speech, the “voices” Reagan was talking about were those surrender monkeys back in the 60s who declared “better Red then Dead” etc.
      Back then the Democrat Party agreed with Reagan in so much that Communism ( and it’s expansion) needed to be opposed. Now on the other hand…..