DEVELOPING: Virginia Senate Passes NEW Redistricting MapPolitics

Virginia Senate Republicans have pushed for a gotten a vote on a NEW redistricting map that has passed 20-19. DEVELOPING.

Jason Kenney January 21, 20134:46 pm

Redistricting is covered in Virginia’s Constitution under Article II Section 6:

Section 6. Apportionment.

Members of the House of Representatives of the United States and members of the Senate and of the House of Delegates of the General Assembly shall be elected from electoral districts established by the General Assembly. Every electoral district shall be composed of contiguous and compact territory and shall be so constituted as to give, as nearly as is practicable, representation in proportion to the population of the district. The General Assembly shall reapportion the Commonwealth into electoral districts in accordance with this section in the year 2011 and every ten years thereafter.

Any such decennial reapportionment law shall take effect immediately and not be subject to the limitations contained in Article IV, Section 13, of this Constitution.

The districts delineated in the decennial reapportionment law shall be implemented for the November general election for the United States House of Representatives, Senate, or House of Delegates, respectively, that is held immediately prior to the expiration of the term being served in the year that the reapportionment law is required to be enacted. A member in office at the time that a decennial redistricting law is enacted shall complete his term of office and shall continue to represent the district from which he was elected for the duration of such term of office so long as he does not move his residence from the district from which he was elected. Any vacancy occurring during such term shall be filled from the same district that elected the member whose vacancy is being filled.

Jason Kenney January 21, 20134:45 pm

KentonNgo via Twitter
If VA Republicans were smart enough not to touch the already cleared VRA districts, the plan will likely stand. Dems are toast.

Jason Kenney January 21, 20134:37 pm

HB 259 was to cover Congressional redistricting but the Senate failed to act on the legislation in 2012, pushing the issue to this year. The bill returned and was amended at the last minute to integrate Senate seats as well.

The history of the bill is here, but the new text is not yet available –

Jason Kenney January 21, 20134:36 pm

Senate records state the following regarding the vote:

HB 259 – Read third time, Passed by for day, Reconsideration of passed by for day agreed to by Senate (37-Y 1-N), Committee substitute rejected (voice vote), Motion to limit debate to 15 minutes agreed to by Senate (voice vote), Motion to recommit to Privileges and Election rejected (17-Y 22-N), Reconsideration to recommmit to Privileges and Elections agreed to (39-Y 0-N), Motion to recommit to Privileges and Elections rejected (19-Y 20-N), Watkins floor substitute agreed to (20-Y 19-N), Motion to limit debate to 30 minutes agreed to by Senate (voice vote), Motion to passed by for the day rejected (19-Y 20-N), Passed Senate (20-Y 19-N)

Jason Kenney January 21, 20134:30 pm

Sources state that any changes in Senate districts would not take effect until the next Senate election. DEVELOPING.

Jason Kenney January 21, 20134:27 pm

NOTE: No changes are available via the Virginia LIS website at this time.

Jason Kenney January 21, 20134:23 pm

Chelyen Davis ?@chelyendavis via Twitter
Watkins’ push to redo redistricting would put Sen. Deeds and Sen. Hanger into same district, I think, and create a 6th minority district.

Jason Kenney January 21, 20134:23 pm

KentonNgo via Twitter
VA Republican mid-decade redistricting plan just passed is only available as paper on Senate floor. No one can see it!!

  • Alexis Rose Bank

    It ought to be made part of the state Constitution that legislative districts should be determined in as mathematically geographically compact a manner as possible. Gerrymandering inherently violates the principle of representation by deliberately minimizing the effect of elections – it is pro-establishment (for both parties) and anti-we the people.

  • Shaun Kenney

    Looks like even some HOD districts moved, too… lots of changes here. LOTS.

  • RLHedlund

    Deeds and Hanger all over again. Last time was when both ran for the same House seat. I was Republican unit Chairman for that area back then. Hanger lost and that was when he then ran for Senate. De ja vu all over again.

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