Lingamfelter bill seeks to defend local farmers from overzealous local governmentsPodcastsPoliticsVirginia

Del. Scott Lingamfelter, one of the many Republicans seeking the party’s lieutenant governor nomination, is holding a rally at the Capitol tomorrow to discuss a piece of legislation he’s championing in the new General Assembly session — one that would ease the restrictions local governments place on the ability of family farms to host events and otherwise conduct business. The bill rises out of a case in Fauquier county, where the local officials got a bit overzealous in fining Martha Boneta, a farmer, for hosting a children’s birthday party, among other high crimes (for more see our coverage here and here).

We also touch on transportation and taxes and find, once again, that there just doesn’t seem to be much House support for Sen. Watkins’ gas tax indexing plan.

  • James Cohen

    As a commercial/hobby farm owner, gotta admit this will resonate among small family and hobby farms statewide.