Romney-McDonnell 2012?Politics

Former Massachussets governor and presidential aspirant Mitt Romney was in Virginia Beach yesterday attending a fundraiser at the home of State Sen. Jeff McWaters.

The $1200 per plate event brought up some interesting data points regarding Governor Bob McDonnell.

Romney said that McDonnell has been an “incredible governor” and will be on “any candidate’s short-list” for Vice President. Now, considering that the candidate was in Virginia Beach – effectively McDonnell’s hometurf, that statement should be taken with a grain of sand. But he reiterated that the short list is “McDonnell, Governor Christie of New Jersey and Marco Rubio of Florida.”

Romney is not blind. He realizes that Virginia is an important state, witnessed only by the number of trips the president has made here in 2011. The commonwealth voted Democrat for president for the first time since 1964 in 2008, so Romney considers Virginia “key” in 2012.

It is expected that Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling will reprise his roll as chief Romney supporter in Virginia again, as he did in 2008 in Romney’s first run for the nomination. This could point to McDonnell potentially leading in Romney’s Veep-stakes.

  • Jamie Jacoby

    I threw up in my mouth when I read this title. Thanks.

  • Govgirl

    @Jamie – I am with you on that one.
    I love the Governor, but not the Ken doll from MA. McDonnell needs to not pull a Palin and ruin his elected political career by signing on with a RINO, who will throw him under the bus, (just as McCain did Palin) when it becomes obvious that the Gov is more popular than the candidate.

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    Ditto McD would out poll Obomney given enough visibility as a candidate for potus. Too many conservatives see Romney as weak where they see McDonnell as strong on economic issues. There is much for Romney to gain and McD to lose.

  • Lori

    Awesome picks! With Romney on top, will be one ticket that really knows how to govern, lead, and turn things around.

  • Red Baron

    This will not happen.

  • valentinus

    Just from the standpoint of practical politics, this doesn’t seem likely even if Romney gets the nomination. If Virginia is really in play in 2012 the Repubs are not going to win. Rubio is the obvious choice because he is even tighter with the conservatives that Romney would need to energize And he’s from Florida. McDonnell would be a safe choice though.

    I like McDonnell big time but he will probably need to become Senator first given the term limits in place for the VA Gov.

  • Ken Falkenstein

    As I’ve written previously, I don’t think McDonnell will be the pick because Romney (and pretty much all of the viable contenders for the GOP nomination) lack foreign policy/national defense credentials and will need a running-mate who provides those credentials. See, e.g. Obama-Biden, Bush-Cheney, Reagan-Bush.

  • Tyler Spires

    Gov. McDonnell would not ruin his 2016 chances by being on a ticket with someone who cant win. ( The guy lost to John McCain….)

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    When McDonnell is ready he should ask Petraeus to his vp. I seriously doubt the general would join Romney though..

  • Willie Deutsch

    I am a fan of McDonnell for vp, but he should run with Perry. McDonnell works well with someone who is perceived as more of a tea party person to balance the ticket. Rubio balances the ticket better for someone like Romney or Pawlenty who really need to prove they are conservative, but already have the governing experience.

  • bill

    You’re underestimating Romney. He’s best on the economy, conservative, and the smartest guy in the room. Romney with McDonnell, Rubio, Christie, Bachmann, or Alan West would be an impressive ticket.

  • Steve Vaughan

    If a relative moderate like Romney (or Huntsman or Pawlenty) were to win the GOP nomination, then Bob McDonnell would certainly be an attractive VP pick.

    However, I don’t think Romney or any other “moderate” can win the nomination and I’d agree with Val that a GOP nominee who can’t win Virginia without McDonnell is probably doomed.

  • Jerry Ball

    @ Steve Vaughan

    A moderate conservative has won the GOP nomination every year since 1988:

    1988: George H. W. Bush
    1992: George H. W. Bush
    1996: Bob Dole
    2000: George W. Bush
    2004: George W. Bush
    2008: John McCain

    What makes 2012 any different? Mitt Romney is the moderate conservative in the race this go around and he will win the nomination. Since 1940, a hardcore conservative has only won the GOP nomination for President twice- Goldwater in ’64 and Reagan in ’80. To act like the Republican Party would never nominate a candidate who is moderate/moderate conservative is to totally ignore reality.

  • http://RCP Grasshopper

    I don’t want Marco Rubio contaminated by Romney.
    Marco Rubio/Allen West 2016! The double whammy from S Florida.

  • Ralph!


    You know a candidate sucks when he goes around the country floating veep names. “I suck, but my token veep is _______[fill in token name here].”

  • Pancho

    Perry: Best man for the job.
    Rubio: Don’t trust him. Cute, chatty, but a McCain type Amnesty monkey. Every illegal, will be made legal. Also, a career politician, plain and simple. Never had a real job. Studied politics in college, and went straight into politics. Actually is an Obama type empty suit.

  • http://RCP Grasshopper

    @ “Pancho”
    Rubio is far from a McCain. He is intelligent and articulate and debates very well. Not amnesty monkey at all. Law Degree.
    Aside from Christie, all we have are career politicians.

  • Steve Vaughan

    Pancho: re career politicians
    Your man Perry is 61 years old and has served in public office continually for the last 27 of them. Granted he had some military service, but he’s been a politician longer than he’s done anything else in his life. Wouldn’t that make politics his “career?”

  • sa

    Romney is the only non-career politician in the race. He spent 4 years in government and 25 years in business. People refuse to acknowledge that much of their opposition to Romney comes from his early fumbling as he was making the transition from business to politics. Look at how many flubs Cain made doing the same thing. The only way you get someone who talks smoothly is to go for a career pol, like Perry. But then you get a guy whose knowledge and experience is only based on politics and not the real world.

    Rubio would be the best VP choice for any of them. He is a star. And he would be next in line, with plenty of time to gain exerience.

  • edith

    Rubio’s staffers are blogging again. How obvious and boring.

  • edith

    Rubio’s staffers are blogging again. How obvious and boring.

  • Nexialist

    Romney is a corporate Republican. Will vote for Obama fiest. The real action is the House. I live in a locked Democrat district and giving all my contributions to Tea Party candidates in the general election and those opposing corporate Republicans, including Boehner if he caves.

  • Smash’d Goblet

    McDonnell will be great for 2016.

  • duggersd

    I do not believe Romney will be the nominee. He has being a businessman going for him. He also has executive experience. And he looks “Presidential”. On the down side, nobody really knows where he stands. Contrary to a comment above, he may talk the conservative talk, but he does not have the conservative street cred he needs. The fact he is Mormon will turn a lot of voters off. I believe Perry has the best opportunity to win the nomination and defeat Obama. He has executive experience and has conservative street cred going for him. He also looks “Presidential”. It is unfortunate, but I think many people will base their votes on the “look” factor. I am not saying I am supporting or not supporting anybody, I am just stating what I think it is going to come down to. However, the Republicans have an excellent opportunity to win, regardless of who the put forth.

  • Lee Moody

    Mitt Romney would make a great president and I agree with the potential VP picks on his list, but I’d put Rubio as #1 pick. Romney would change the direction of the country and resurrect our economy. He is a firm believer in the constitution and states rights. He has promised to repeal the Obamacare and he is a man of his words. Let’s not put down the other candidates but be positive about the Republicans, because any of them would be better than Obama.

  • walk before you talk

    Is that the same Marco Rubio that forgot to make mortgage payments on his house before his house fell into foreclosure… You’d pick him as your #1?

  • NoMoBO

    “Pancho” – Have you ever listened to one of Rubio’s speeches? Go to his Website and listen to his inaugural speech. It’s very impressive. Sounds like you are trying to get people against Rubio – won’t work. People are making their own minds up about elections these days – they are not letting the media or “planted” liberal, union bloggers sway them in ANY way. Give it up.

    Perry/Rubio or West 2012

  • you have to give before you take.

    Have you ever seen the movie iron man 2? Remember Robert Downey Jr’s speech at the beginning of the movie. Wow!!!! I’d vote for Downey Jr before I’d vote for Rubio. not because he’s better looking, but because at least Downey Jr. has proven himself in the real world.

  • Steve

    Thank You for posting this!

    Common Cents

  • http://N/A Pat Robertson

    ROMNEY and McDonnell? Why not just put John McCain or Lindsey Graham or Benedict Arnold at the head of the ticket and be done with it?

    Why should such a conservative talking liberal be put at the head of the ticket. Way to go GOP…shoot yourself in the foot again.

    I would go for DeMint-McDonnell or McDonnell-DeMint. We have many wonderful conservatives…Romney is not one. At least not to me and not to many, many others.

    Let’s get off the Isenhower’s, Nixon’s, Ford’s, Bush’s, etc and elect someone who is indeed a conservative. For gosh sakes.

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    Click my name.. This link takes you to where it begins.

    Draft Bob McDonnell

  • Goldwaterite

    A politically savvy move: Romney, the reputed RINO, needs a (conservative) Southerner or the ultimate trump card, Chris Christie. If he enters the race, how will Rick Perry answer such a question?
    Personnally I am beginning to look forward eagerly to November 2012; I don’t believe the president shares my enthusiasm.

  • Rachel

    Romney has promised to repeal Obamacare and is a man of his words.

    I don’t think so. He is the father of Obamacare and his words are only whatever the polls say you want to hear.

  • m

    It is not going to happen. Romney will not get the nominee in 2012. Hope Gov. Rick Perry of Texas will run for President. He is going to make an announcement in August. I rather see Perry run instead of Romney and Sarah Palin.

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    I think many underestimate Palin.. She is not my first pick but I think she is playing her cards well.. Just looks that way.

  • jb

    A bit premature, to say the least.

  • dixielea

    Rubio has already said that under no circumstances will he be anyone’s VP in 2012. He said he doesn’t want the job, and he wants to stay in the Senate. He was adamant on that.

  • Realaskan

    Romney should select Palin. She’s already experienced in the role. She has foreign policy credentials (“I can see Russia from my house”). And most importantly, she gives the Tea Baggers a stiffy, and Romney needs all of that he can get.

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    As is the usual, the debt discussion which is a topic that’s becoming increasingly hard to predict the political fallout from is a topic Romney does not discuss publicly. Does he support raising debt yes or no? Maybe inder certain circumstances is wishywashy. We have had enough debt hikes and every time DC failed to reign in spending.. cept this time its about who will history best serve in 2012. Stinks all around.

  • Steve Vaughan

    Turbo- I’ve reached the point of disgust with both sides in Washington that if they actually let us go into default, I’d be in favor of voting out all the incumbents of both parties and starting over.

  • Sol K.

    He’s just looking for more MONEY !!!

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