Bearing Drift Endorsement: Keith Fimian in Virginia’s 11th Congressional DistrictPolitics

The GOP faces a vulnerable incumbent in the 11th congressional district, first term Rep. Gerry Connolly. After the retirement of former Rep. Tom Davis (R) the district fell to the Democrats for the first time since Leslie Byrne won in 1993. As it stands now Connolly faces a backlash from the electorate due to his votes on health care, the economic recovery act, and further deficit spending.

One of the main funding mechanisms for the health care legislation was a tax on households earning over $250,000 a year. In his district lies Fairfax County and Prince William County, two of the richest counties in the country. Connolly will have to explain to one of the biggest voting blocs in his district why he found it necessary to vote to raise their taxes in the midst of an economic recession.

Taxes and the economy are clearly seminal issues all over the country and that is especially true in the 11th. The best chance that the GOP has to win in this district based on strength of these issues is to nominate businessman Keith Fimian in the primary on June 8th.

Fimian is not a typical politician. He is a self-made business owner who scrapped and saved for years before becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today. As a young man he had a short stint playing for the Cleveland Browns and Fimian had the fiscal discipline to invest his professional football earnings in what is now an incredibly successful national home inspection business.

Fimian’s personal embodiment of the American dream gives him a certain experience that is rare in a public servant these days – he is truly someone who has walked the walk while talking the talk. He is someone who can help the people of this country realize their own dreams through advocating for conservative principles at the federal level.

Mr. Fimian believes that principles are much more important than politics. At a typical campaign stop you will usually hear him say, “I don’t need this job, I want this job.” He isn’t running to “climb the political ladder”. Like most Americans, he is simply tired of career politicians who are more concerned with attaining a higher office or cementing their hold on a current office than actually helping the people who put them there in the first place.

While most candidates make this pitch to the voters, with Fimian it’s genuine. When he unsuccessfully ran against Connolly in 2008 he was hit with attacks from every angle. While most people would not want to go through the rigors and stress of such a negative campaign, Fimian felt that it was important to get back up on the horse and continue to fight.

It’s that sort of spirit that Bearing Drift loves to see in political candidates: Fimian is a fighter and he will fight for the people of the 11th District, not roll over for the political establishment.

On the issues, Mr. Fimian has come out strongly against the economic stimulus plan, earmarks, and Obamacare. He has pledged to do everything in his power to reduce the deficit and fight against the liberal takeover of Washington, DC. To create jobs, he will work towards eliminating the capital gains tax for new businesses, prevent an increase to the income tax, suspend the federal unemployment tax and cut the payroll tax.

Fimian says that health care costs can be reduced through increased competition by allowing insurance to be sold over state lines. Taxes should also be adjusted so people can deduct costs of health insurance. Tort reform will also decrease the overall costs of health care, making the bottom line much more manageable.

The federal government must get spending under control according to Fimian. He supports a federal balanced budget amendment and an end to earmarks. He has also called for unspent TARP money to go back into the Treasury.

Fimian is pro-life, supports drilling for oil and natural gas, opposes cap-and-trade and amnesty for illegal aliens. Without a doubt, he is clearly the conservative candidate in this race and will serve the GOP well.

In a time where moderates like Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Charlie Crist of Florida are being rejected by their constituents, its time to give voters a clear choice in November. Republicans must offer a conservative alternative.

Keith Fimian is not a lifelong politician and we believe that is a major positive. The government needs people who know more about how to run a business than they do a political campaign. The GOP must nominate a candidate who has the experience to use free market principles to reduce taxes and the deficit, while moving government out of the lives of everyday Americans.

We trust Keith Fimian to fight for what he’s promised over the course of this campaign, and for that, Bearing Drift strongly endorses Keith Fimian for the GOP nomination in the 11th congressional district.

  • Dan (RightOnGallows)

    I gotta say, I agree with most of your endorsements but not here. Not at all. Keith Fimian is a lying, wannabe politician who is only in it for his own ego. When has Fimian made a case for himself? All he whines about is Pet Herrity this, Pat Herrity that. He was crushed in 2008, he had his shot, let somebody who actually has a clue what they are doing have a shot.

  • James Hawkins

    The Republican in my first “home district” won the special election.
    “Republicans scored a midterm election victory Saturday when Honolulu City Councilman Charles Djou won a Democratic-held House seat in Hawaii in the district where President Obama grew up — the latest triumph for the GOP as it looks to take back control of Congress.”
    I have given money to two candidates so far and both have won.
    Today is going to be a very nice day for me.

  • Boss Herrity

    Herrity is running a vicious smear campaign against Fimian using DCCC/Connolly lies and distortions. The difference is, Fimian has pointed out Pat’s proven record of increasing taxes. Pat can’t defend that, so he is using personal smears to attack Fimian.

  • Credo

    What does Keith Fimian mean by this?

    “Keep current income tax rates in place or lower until unemployment is reduced to 5% nationally.”

    It’s on his website. Are tax hikes fair game at 5% unemployment? He talks about the 5% threshhold for other taxes also.

    Which unemployment rate is he addressing? U4 or U6?

  • Disgusted

    What a load of shit.

    You tout Fimian as someone who is “not a career politician”, yet Fimian has been running for Congress (since Fall 2007) longer than Pat Herrity has been in office.

    You say Fimian puts “principles above politics”, yet you neglect the fact that in 2008 Fimian called himself a “moderate” and refused to sign the no tax pledge; the Fimian of 2010 would call him a heretic for such things.

    You mention all of Fimian’s positions, which hardly differ at all from Herrity’s, and say he is clearly “the” conservative candidate, something the Fimian of 2008 would deny profusely.

    You implicitly call Pat Herrity a moderate without a single mention of his name, let alone bothering to even attempt to justify your ridiculous claim.

    You want a candidate who will use business principles to bring down the deficit, yet you completely ignore the ONLY candidate in the race who has actually used his business background to reduce taxes and regulation and cut spending.

    You’re right that Fimian is a fighter: the only thing he’s done in his campaign is launching a continuous negative smear campaign against Pat Herrity from the very second Herrity got into the race. You say he won’t roll over for the establishment, but he mentions his endorsement from Cuccinelli and Cantor everywhere he goes… sounds like if he wins, the AG’s office now has a Congressman in his pocket.

    JR, you’re not from NoVa and have little if any first-hand knowledge about any of this, so I suppose your complete lack of knowledge about Fimian’s campaigns in 2008 or 2010 or Pat Herrity’s proven conservative leadership on the Board of Supervisors escaped your attention. But if you’re going to try to be an influential blog and try to cover statewide politics, put a little bit of effort into it to make sure you don’t flat out embarrass yourself by making a ridiculously uninformed and rose-colored endorsement. Your decision to wade into this, completely unnecessarily, was poor enough. To do so blind and intellectually unarmed is just shameful.

  • Shaun Kenney

    …which means, Disgusted, Jim hit pretty close to the mark — otherwise you wouldn’t be screaming “ouch” so much.

    Nice eight paragraph screed. Hope no one paid for that on company/campaign time.

  • JR Hoeft

    “Disgusted” – you’d have more credibility if you put your name out there. It’s easy to take potshots at people from behind your keyboard with little chance of there being any consequences.

    You’re welcome to disagree with our thoughts on Fimian. That’s what having a blog with open comments is all about.

    And I don’t disparage Herrity at all in this post. If he’s elected, we’re totally supportive of him.

    Beating Connolly is the number one priority, we just feel Fimian offers the 11th the best chance of doing that.

  • O. P. Ditch

    I agree with you Jim. Keith Fimian is still the right man for this job in the VA11.

    You are correct, the main thing is to Beat Connolly, and Keith is the person to do it.

    O. P.

  • PWConservative

    Very good analysis, sums up why I’m leaning toward Fimian as well. Herritys personal attack mailers are frankly the most disgusting and slimy mailers that I have ever seen.

  • Joe D

    Stop with the internecine negativity, folks!

    As Republicans in the 11th District, we should be glad that we have such a happy choice to make. Neither of these gentlemen is likely (in my opinion) to cause conservatives any heartache when he gets to Washington. Both Pat Herrity and Keith Fimian are solid, principled business people who have gotten involved in politics later in life for the best reasons, because they see what a mess is being made and how a freshman Democrat who got in on Obama’s coattails has only contributed to that mess.

    Connolly is a disaster and either Herrity or Fimian will be a huge upgrade. I believe each will work to help the other in the Fall, and that again is a comfort to me and should be to all Republicans.

    It’s too bad that either candidate has to resort to attacks on the other because they’re both good guys whom I will have no problem supporting in November.

    I do suspect that Herrity had to be talked into running this race a lot more than Keith Fimian did, but I find Herrity’s record on the Fairfax council to be overall commendable. Remember, there’s only so much he can do in an 8-2 minority. Compromise is something he needs to do in that role, and we (Fimian included) shouldn’t treat him too harshly for that. Herrity brings a strong business background, a record of turning struggling companies around and a few years of county government experience. All huge positives.

    On the other hand, while Keith Fimian lacks that government experience he has a LOT more passion for the battle. His campaign is more spirited, aggressive and eager. Pat’s effort is capable but far less ambitious, in my view. Just look at how much better Keith’s doing with social networking through Facebook and Twitter and other new ways of spreading his message online.

    On balance, I’m leaning towards Keith, mostly because I believe the better campaigner is more what we need against Connolly than the governmental experience. Let’s face it, freshmen Congressmen don’t really get much of a chance to make laws and they’re so junior on their committees that their legislative skills won’t really matter for a few years anyway. Congress is not quite the Fairfax County Board and the issues they will deal with there will challenge their commitment to principle much more than their familiarity with procedure and protocol.

    I’ve met Pat. I liked him immediately. If he loses, I hope Gov. McDonnell can find him something in state government because I think he’ll be tremendously helpful.

    But for me, I believe Keith Fimian is the right man for the times.

  • Robert H

    Great endorsement. Keith Fimian is the right choice in this race. Pat Herrity voted to raise Fairfax County property taxes over 13 percent, and now he boldface lies about it. It is insane to send to Obama’s Washington a “Republican” who votes with Democrats to raise taxes and then twists the truth to try to deny it.

  • Jeff Zoeller

    I know Pat Herrity, and he’s a good guy. But I’m afraid his campaign is not aggressive enough to beat Connolly. Fimian is more forceful, and really good on camera (Check ot the “Fimian Minutes” on his website.) We need to replace Connolly with someone who will make headaches for the Obama agenda. I think that’s Fimian.

  • Whiskey

    Dear Jeff,

    Please. We just elected someone because they looked good on camera and spoke well of change. Look where that got us. I hope everyone looks a little deeper than appearance. Herrity may be more soft spoken but people listen intently when he talks. Although they have similar positions on the issues, Herrity spent 30 years volunteering in community, civic, and business organizations in addition to his CFO job.

  • Brian W. Schoeneman

    While I have pledged to remain neutral for the rest of the race, I do have one question to ask JR regarding this endorsement:

    What makes this election different than 2008? We’ve already seen round 1 – has the environment changed so dramatically that we can expect round 2 to be different? If so, how?

  • Brian W. Schoeneman

    That’s what I thought.

  • JR Hoeft

    Don’t be a smart-ass, Brian. I’ve been extremely busy. Not every comment has to be responded to.

    But, since you asked…

    First, Have you been paying attention to Connolly’s votes? I would say that’s one big change.

    Second, it’s not 2008 – the same coat-tails for Connolly with Obama will not be there in 2010.

    Third, I think Fimian learned a lot from that race. He has been extremely proactive and stays on message. That campaign was his “experience”.

  • Brian W. Schoeneman

    JR, I don’t think anyone, on either side of the aisle, in the 11th District believes Gerry Connolly is voting any differently than we expected him to when he was elected.

    No, it’s not 2008. This race is at the top of the ticket. I think it’s fair to say that neither Connolly nor Herrity/Fimian is going to bring out the number of voters we saw during 2008. So in the end, I think that’s going to be a wash.

    As for the rest, I don’t think that makes it any more or less likely that we’ll win the seat. Staying on message and being proactive are the bare minimums any good candidate must do to get elected.

    But, like I said, I’m not going to prolong this. I was just hoping to see a bit more elaboration on the “we think he has a better chance to win” argument, because that’s one argument I have seen very few people try and make.

  • Riley

    I’m glad I live in the 1st and get to stay neutral in this race. Either one of them can beat Connolly and serve the people of the 11th well.

    What does my gut tell me from what I’ve seen around the 11th Dist.?

    Fimian wins PWC by a significant margin and Herrity wins Fairfax, but not by quite as large a margin. However, Fairfax has so many votes in it that more than compensates for the votes Fimian carries out of PWC and Herrity narrowly wins the nomination.

  • Lin-Dai

    @ Disgusted & @Dan(RightonTheGallows): Gentlemen, you’re opinionated fact free criticism of this endorsement is juvenile. Keith Fimian is NOT a politician, that’s precisely his appeal. He has been a private sector man for over two decades. His edge over Herrity is in fact principle. I’ve seen and heard them both on the stump. Fimian is forceful, has conviction, rides on principle and stays focused on the most important issue, the economy and our pockets. Mr. Herrity however, is running w/out fire in his belly, and clearly quite local in his focus. His biggest strategic mistake: coming into the race against someone conservative in all that pertains to a republican platform and dividing the base. On top of that he’s been unprincipled in the manner he’s used the FCRC and Stae Central machine in NoVa to his benefit, raking public endorsements of officials that should have stayed neutral.
    My Vote is for the man with INTEGRITY: what he says matches what he does…Keith Fimian.


  • John Fisher

    The times – they are a changing.

    Fimian is now cash even with Connolly – it is now down to the votes.

    And the latest polls show Fimian ahead, but don’t let up. We haven’t crossed the finish line yet.

    I have lived in the 11th District for over two decades. It is a true delight to see the ever arrogant Gerry Connolly finally on his way out.

    The 11th District has, like the rest of the nation, awoken and said “what have we done” and are getting ready to undo this mistake before it gets any worse.

    The choice is simple – more of the same nightmare with Gerry (and have no doubt he promises more of the same) or a re-awkening of the American dream and a new begining with Keith Fimian.

    11th district it is just a nightmare. It is time to wake up – time to end it. You can do it, but only if you vote on November 2nd.