Justin Hart rocks. Great convention coverage from Too Conservative.Catch-All

Too Conservative’s most recent contributor, Justin Hart, just did some absolutely awesome coverage from the RPV convention this weekend.

Be sure to check out his round-up, thoughts, and photos.

From his thoughts on the convention, he makes this very solid observation:

Moderates nervous about perceptions are using November’s losses to oust social conservatives. The truth: social conservatives are some of the strongest supporters and will work hard to elect full spectrum conservatives.

  • http://wwwamericanyouth.blogspot.com Steven Osborne

    Justin Hart makes a great observation in the quote above.

  • http://tooconservative.com Loudoun Insider

    For God’s sakes, moderates aren’t trying to oust scoial conservatives. I don’t consider myself very moderate about anything, but I want my guyus to win. Focusing on social issues is not going to win in today’s Virginia.