8th District wades into the RPV chairman discussionPolitics

From Michael Giere, 8th Congressional District – State Central Committee

Dear Republican Activist;

Last May at the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) state convention, thousands of you – the grassroots backbone of our Party – overwhelmingly elected a new Chairman. State Delegate Jeff Frederick ran an aggressive campaign, pledging to renew and modernize the Party statewide, and to re-energize the grassroots base in Virginia. As Jeff’s victory with 60% of the vote carrying 8 of 11 congressional districts was receiving a final tabulation, then-Chairman Hager graciously moved that Delegate Frederick be declared Chairman by acclamation. With his win, Jeff Frederick became the first State Chairman initially elected by delegates at a Convention (not first appointed by the State Central Committee, or SCC) in 12 years, and the first to be elected in a contested convention race in 16 years!

But, the amazing victory did not sit well with a very small group of Party power brokers. On the convention floor that day in May, some of them declared that the election “would not stand.” As you may know, this small group of people on the Executive Committee of the SCC coordinated the presentation of a motion that the Chairman be removed on the basis of 10 vague charges, initiating a public campaign to force him out. They then calculatingly leaked the “charges” to the press, before many members of the SCC had even seen them. Unnecessarily involving our elected officials and candidates, their efforts have created a “feuding Republicans” storyline in the media, giving Democrat candidates who are fighting one another for that party’s statewide nominations a much-welcomed respite from the media spotlight. With friends like these folks, the Democrats barely have to show up!

I hope by now you’ve seen a summary of the Chairman’s thoughtful and careful response to the 10 “charges.” That response clearly deflated whatever concern there might have been, while those “charges” were still only being whispered about in the press. In the light of day, the charges become what they always were – hard feelings pretending to be something important. In addition, Jeff sent a 150-page detailed internal response to the membership of the SCC. Portions of the detailed record included in his response make it crystal clear that a tiny group of people, from day one, have agitated, obstructed, created non-existent controversy and deliberately demeaned the Chairman at every turn. Truly sad.

But the good news is that is is never too late to do the right thing. Many, many hundreds of conservatives, just like you, are sending emails and involving themselves. It is your party too! Your voice needs to be heard. I urge you to take a moment and email your SCC members* and tell them: enough already! Support our elected Chairman, Jeff Frederick. We have an unusual opportunity this year to lead the nation back from the edge, by fighting for and electing a great statewide ticket and retaining control of the House of Delegates.

Let’s fight Democrats and win in November.

  • http://www.shaunkenney.com Shaun Kenney

    The thought continues to occur to me: Why is it that these letters in defense of Frederick continue to talk past State Central and directly to “Republican activists”?

    That’s a pretty good barometer of State Central’s disposition, is it not?

    Just a thought…

  • http://TidewaterLiberty.com Britt Howard

    Shaun, I would say it is answering a public campaign to oust Chairman Frederick with another public campaign to retain him and focus on defeating Democrats rather than fellow Republicans.

  • http://tooconservative.com Loudoun Insider

    150 pages! I can only imagine what that inlcudes – please someone get a copy!

    Let’s get real about his “incredible victory”. He spent over $130,000 of other people’s money to do so. He is no more “grassroots” than any meber of State Central.

    If he knew what was good for RPV he would take his embarrassing foot in mouth self out immediately and save us this drama. He has been nothing but a distraction to the real needs of RPV and its candidates. Those who should know, the candidates who need RPV’s help, have overwhelmingly called for him to step aside, but apparently his outsized ego keeps him from doing so. This is a sad state of affairs, and even sadder that so many so-called “conservatives” are falling for this self serving BS.

  • Lee Talley

    Well you know there is a glaring falsehood in the letter. State Central had the charges WAY before they went public. That people is a perpetuated lie! btw Lets define tiny shall we.

    75 to 80 percent of state central

    The Executive Committee of the RPV

    All the Republican Congressmen

    The Republican State Senate Caucus

    The Republican House Caucus minus Morgan Griffiths who’s only in this for his agenda to be speaker but he’ll be lucky to be dog catcher by this time next year.

    Oh yeah THE REPUBLICAN GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE, Bob McDonnell… who from what I hear didnt even show up to his campaign kickoff… WHO ever heard of a state wide campaign kick off where the State Chairman was a no show

    IF thats a tiny few then ya’ll need to work on that counting thing… again.

    and then JFRED has

    Morgan Griffith – again for his own agenda in controlling the RPV and really taking away our ability influence the running of our state party.

    8 state central members…

    Now thats tiny.. and sad really… JFred is so loved by his own colleagues that no one in the House even stood up to say they wished him well or regretted him leaving. NO ONE… gee talk about don’t let the door hit you in the Bum on the way out..

    So lets think about all this folks… That is a large group of people who generally dont agree on lunch but they ALL agree that Jeff must go..

    Do you out there in the “Grass Roots Land” really believe this whole thing is an attack on you as a group. Are you people drunk or out of Prozac or what…

    Everyone has a right to their opinion but you dear are a libertarian. Therefore your opinion does not fall within the valid parameters of this debate. You chose your party. Now go caucus with the Nambla freaks and the NORML potheads who make up the libertarian party and stay out of Republican business.

  • CEJ

    The copy of JF response I saw was 15 pages…perhaps 159 is a typo?

  • Lee Talley

    When people believe JFred is the second coming of Ronald Regan then perhaps along with not having the ability to grasp reality, counting becomes difficult too.

  • http://citizentom.com/ Citizen Tom

    Does it really make a difference whether it is a 150 pages or 15? Do we have to pick apart even the stuff that does not matter? Is throwing stones so much fun?

    It makes no sense to blame Frederick for not doing a great job while doing everything possible to undermine his position. If we do not or cannot put together a credible campaign this Fall, then the Republican Party simply does not matter.

    We have elections in November. Our candidates may not be the people we would like, but they could be worse. They might be Democrats. If we want to win this November, then the folks who instigated this mess have to put up or shut up. If they have nothing to put up, then they should let Frederick do the job he was elected to do.

  • http://jsnotes.com Jason

    We have elections EVERY November. If we’re not going to work on our management issues just because an election is coming up we’re never going to fix anything.

  • http://www.americancivilization.net James Atticus Bowden

    I didn’t get the accusations way early. I’m a member of SCC. I wasn’t allowed to see them because I wouldn’t agree in advance to sign the letter.

    The accusations were leaked to the press about the same day I finally got my copy from Mike Thomas.

    I still don’t know who has been “approved” by whoever (and who would that be?) to replace Jeff if he is lynched.

  • Conservative Forever

    Frederick has waged his war to keep his job and in the process managed to successfully split our grassroots (or so he thinks…) What will Jeff do next?

  • Lee Talley

    Jeff had a copy you should have asked for his… So you do admit though you got yours before the charges appeared in the RTD. In which if you read that article no where are the charges presented by the reporter as being leaked to him. So I really don’t think its truthful to claim the charges were leaked.

    Right now Jeff is still the chairman… at least until the 4th… so right now finding out who will be the next chairman isn’t the next task in line. Jeff has a right to his defense on the 4th and maybe it will be good enough. Either way I’ll personally stand by the decision of my elected representatives in the party, IE State Central committee members. What I really question are Jeff’s supporters willing to also abide by the ruling of the State Central Committee?

  • Lee Talley

    Personally by reviewing the actions of JFred and his supporters I think they would willingly and gladly work against Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling (Heck Morgan Griffith already supports Muldoon) in the election year.
    Jeff only cares about Jeff. Party and Virginia be damned. He destroyed his CR committee to get revenge on the State CR’s of Georgia so why wouldn’t he do it to us. Its like a cheating spouse. If you cheat once you’ll cheat again…. He can’t be trusted.

  • Chris Marston

    Mike Giere is one of the 8th Districts Representatives on the State Central Committee. Not all of them. I wouldn’t characterize this as the 8th District wading in.

    The 8th has 3 other votes on State Central.

    Additionally, the chairman of one unit in the 8th, Fairfax, has called on Jeff to resign. And the unit committee of another of the units in the 8th, Alexandria, passed a resolution calling on him to resign. Unlike many districts, the 8th only has four units. Fairfax has the greatest RPVS and Alexandria is third.

  • Mark

    JFred continues to hurt our statewide candidates even though he is likely to resign before the 4th. He is a liability and we all know it but some of his most loyal supporters fail to recognize it. I don’t care much about what JFred will do after the 4th, but if his supporters are true conservatives (like they claim they are) then they should abide by the SCC’s decision and support the interim RPV Chair.

  • http://tooconservative.com Loudoun Insider

    Frederick should resign now and run again for his HOD seat, instead of trying to set the internal process up (as RPV Chairman mind you) to get his wife nominated for the seat. it is way past being obvious that he has no claim to be able to be an effective Chairman. Time to go and quit this ego-centric battle.

  • http://TidewaterLiberty.com Britt Howard

    Lee, you make a good point. I am currently a Libertarian. I left the Republican party because there were too many “Big Government” “big spending” Democrats pretending to be Republicans.

    Because of Gary Byler and Jeff Frederick, I thought that there might be a place for me in back in the GOP. I have never stopped having some sort of affection for the party. There are great conservatives in the RPV that I admire. Bill Bolling, Ken Cuccinelli, Jim Gilmore etc.

    How many Republicans voted for Democrat Mark Warner? I sure voted for Gilmore! Eventhough, I’m a Libertarian.

    I’m fearful of what kind of leadership will follow if Frederick is unfairly booted. I know, you could care less, but, I thought I saw a glimmer of hope. I’ve been thinking, sooner or later these guys will lose enough elections and realize they’re doing something wrong by thinking they can out liberal the Democrats. I keep thinking, maybe there might be a reason to come back. I know……I know….I’m totally expecting to get told “good riddance” “don’t let the door hit ya” “thinking was your problem” etc. etc.

    Still, affection aside, I am in the Libertarian party. That indeed should be considered. I give you that arguement. You at least make a point there.

    Not the local party but, groups within the State and National parties are basically in it for smoking weed. It is an embarrassment but, true. It isn’t like the GOP or the DEMs don’t have their fringe elements. However, if you wanna say something negative about the Libertarians, I’ll give you that arguement.

    Where you are completely off base and full of s#!t is the part where you mouth off about the nambla freaks and the Libertarians. There is no connection and you’re a sick bastard for saying so. Libertarians believe as a philosphy that the function of government is to protect the individual from “force and fraud”. Boys, not being adults or legally competent parties, are unable to consent to sex with men. That equates to statutory rape and the “men” need to go to prison.

    Lee, your man enough to use your name. Be man enough to take that NAMBLA crap back. If you wanna go down that route, we can always talk about some good and flamboyant Republicans.

  • http://masonconservative.typepad.com/the_mason_conservative/2009/03/the-frustrating-frederick-affair.html Waldo

    I find it very wierd that people like the 3rd, and 5th congressional district chairs are going after Jeff because we lost Virginia this year. How well did we do at winning the 3rd and 5th congressional seats?

    Also I think in his list of supporters, Lee Talley forgot:

    Bob Marshall,
    Patrick McSweeney
    Prince William Co. and Greene Co. Republican Committees
    David Rensin (I think that was a pretty seet pick up for RPV)
    the inability of the opposition to pass a motion through the 11th District Committee

    Also any public letters are sent to the grassroots because they were the people who overwhelmingly elected Jeff at the convention, and who still support Jeff.

  • http://tooconservative.com Loudoun Insider

    Bob Marshall is a great guy but I must disagree with him on this.

    Pat McSweeney gives money to “independents” running against convention-nominated Republicans, so don’t throw him out as a great Republican.

    PWC is Frederick’s home base – no big surprise there.

    David Rensin personally bankrolled Frederick’s campaign for Chairman to the tune of $70,000 – no wonder he’s for him, he practically owns him.

    The 11th District vote was very close, again in his home turf.

    The “grassroots” also votes for the State Central Committee members who will make this decision.

  • http://pwconservative.net PWConservative


    Marshall isn’t on J-Fred’s “Side”, He simply wants an independent investigation so the party doesn’t split. A perfectly reasonable compromise IF it doesn’t drag past april.

    Also, To all of You that keep comparing him to Jeff Smith from “Mr Smith goes to Washington”, Stop It, It is no longer funny, Anyone with half a brain (Critic or Not) Knows that Frederick is a career politician and certainly no innocent boy scout.

  • Old Fashion Liberal

    Both Delegate Bob Marshall and Virginia AG candidate and current Senator Ken Cuccinelli have remained neutral. This is as it should be. Unless a politician has personal knowledge of the charges against Jeff Frederick, what makes their judgment of the charges any better than anyone else’s?

    What is important is that justice is served. This “for the good of the party” talk is nonsense. What is good for the party is that we do what is just. Whether he is the Chairman of the RPV, President of the United States, or an ordinary citizen, each man, woman, and child deserves to be treated justly by their fellow citizens. The media show we have received thus far does not constitute justice. It is only entertaining.

    What we have had is a steady drip, drip, drip of leaks designed to build up the feeling that Frederick is just a weak, pitiful, greedy figure in a job that is too big for him. What is funny is how well weak, pitiful, and greedy describes almost every human who ever lived. Have you ever heard of a political who was not described by his political opponents as weak, pitiful, and greedy?

    Did you know that during the American Revolution George Washington served without pay? However, he had an expense account. His opponents slammed him for using his expense account inappropriately. No matter who it is, it is possible to make that that poor soul seem weak, pitiful, and greedy. Being what we are, having knowledge of ourselves, it is only too easy to see and believe the worst in others.

    No matter how much we each may admire another human being, there will be others who find flaws, real or imagined. Justice requires that we set clear rules and judge according to those rules. Since Frederick has denied the charges, we owe him the justice of a fair and impartial hearing.

    Did Frederick break the rules? If he did, what rules? Does breaking those rules merit Frederick’s removal from office? That is all impartial hearing must determine.

    We simplify life greatly when we take it one step at a time. Who might replace Frederick is irrelevant to the process of his removal. If Frederick is remove, we will settle the matter of his replacement in due time.

  • http://www.bearingdrift.com Brian Kirwin

    Lee, I noticed Britt had no problem with your calling Libertarians “NORML potheads”

  • Mike Ginsberg

    Echoing Chris Marston above, the 8th District has not “waded into” the RPV chairman discussion with the Giere letter; Mike Giere is only one of four 8th District State Central members. Several other units and individuals within the 8th District have taken a different position on the issue. My point is simply this: Mike Giere does not speak for the 8th District. He speaks for himself as a SCC member from the 8th District. He is certainly welcome to do that, but it is not accurate to characterize that as the 8th District “wading into” the discussion.

  • Freddie

    Who is Mike Giere? What grassroots volunteering has he done in the 8th district?

  • Sundance

    Mike Giere hasnt done much in the 8th for the 20 years he has lived in the 8th district. No one knew him, he came out of nowhere and signed on with Morton Blackwell’s slate for state central and was elected by people who blindly accept the slate. Since being elected, he hasnt done much of anything either.

  • Anonymous


    You keep bringing up that Jeff spent $130,000 on his campaign for RPV Chair. Do you really think Hager didn’t spend any money on his campaign? I would be shocked if he didn’t spend way more than Jeff did.

  • Freddie


    I strongly doubt Hager spent anywhere near as much money as Frederick. Hager underestimated Frederick.

  • http://TidewaterLiberty.com Britt Howard

    Well I don’t think NORML is a fair characterization but, I don’t protest it as much because there is a portion of the party that, like I said, is just in it for smoking pot. To some of them, there are no other issues but, pot unfortunately.

    Thankfully, the local party is comprised of sensible former Republicans, conservative Democrats, and a few long time Libertarians. As a topic, marijuana is avoided at meetings.

  • http://www.americancivilization.net James Atticus Bowden

    Why do some Republicans ape the Liberals and always, always, go after the messenger instead of contending in the market place of ideas? The lynch mob has a problem with Giere? Huh? Giere was in the Reagan Administration, then Bush 41. He ran for Congress in Texas, co-chaired Reagan’s campaign in a Congressional district in 80. Got to Virginia in 81. Worked in about every election to come along since, at the polls, and on the phones, etc.

    It’s called work without seeking recognition. It’s called grassroots – the real deal. He was elected in May to the SCC from the 8th CD with two other new members.

  • Lee Talley

    Hey Britt,
    If you google NAMBLA and Libertarians it produces a little over 4,500 hits and in looking at the first page of hits none of them are refutations of NAMBLA by the Libertarian party. So take that for what you will.
    Google just shows the facts not opinions. I actually respect your feelings about the party but I must tell you this… Grown folks change the system from the inside. Walking away from anything never helps.

  • http://TidewaterLiberty.com Britt Howard

    Part of the google thing is likely due to the the word libertarian rather than Libertarian. Sometimes the word libertarian is mistakenly used to mean, “do whatever you want, even if you hurt somebody.” Sex with a boy is rape. End of story.

    Then again, I know local Libertarians. There may be sick predators out there that want to call themselves whatever party they choose. All I know, is violating a child is in no way a respect for individuality nor Libertarian in nature.

    I don’t hold any political party responsible for legislators being caught chasing their own gender on the phone or playing footsie through bathroom stalls. NAMBLA? How about Republican Mark Foley and those teenage boys? Let’s face it. Every political party has their embarrassments and ugly skeletons. That doesn’t stain the party as a whole.

    It isn’t easy to ignore your ad hominem of “grown folks don’t walk away”. After all. what did Reagan say about leaving the Democrat party? But I’ll address that “working from the inside” thing.

    I’ve heard that arguement before and it is compelling after you lick your wounds. One does tend to want to try again. I’ve seen countless examples where working from the inside was impossible. Until recently. There were a few recent movements in the RPV that came as a pleasant surprise. I really respect some people in the RPV but, current events show little reason to want to return. Putting my bias in favor of Frederick aside, all the infighting and suicidal adventures is just not too terribly attractive.

    Yes, competition is natural in a party but, in the RPV, intra-party contests have become a “blood sport”. If you want the loser to vote for you in November, save your humiliation and poisoned daggers(figurative) for the Democrats.