I’m NOT a Conspiracy TheoristPolicy

Really, I’m not. But the Obama administration is powerfully tempting me to believe in a far-reaching statist authority that is out to get me.

FoxNews reports on domestic terrorism “warning signs” identified by a government “collective”:

If you’re an anti-abortion activist, or if you display political paraphernalia supporting a third-party candidate or a certain Republican member of Congress, if you possess subversive literature, you very well might be a member of a domestic paramilitary group.

Apparently, there are more suspect criteria. Let’s see how many I fit:

  • Anti-abortion (read “pro-life”) activist. CHECK.
  • Ron Paul / Chuck Baldwin / Bob Barr supporter. No, but I have good friends and close associates who are and I’m grateful for the perspectives they bring to the national debate.
  • Display Gadsden flag. ABSOLUTELY, as a symbol of liberty and in honor of the ongoing struggle to preserve it.
  • Fan of the 2nd Amendment. You betcha!
  • Paramilitary militia member? Not yet. Don’t tempt me.
  • gadsden-2
    Republican Attorney General candidate Ken Cuccinelli has posted a note on his Facebook expressing outrage at the Missouri Information Analysis Center’s report. As a freedom loving, red-blooded American patriot, I hope our next AG will be prepared to defend our entire Bill of Rights. With reports like these, it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to believe it might be necessary.

    UPDATE (3/27/09)

    Ok folks, my connection to the Obama administration is twofold here:

    1 – “During a press conference last week in Kansas City, Mo., DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano called fusion centers the “centerpiece of state, local, federal intelligence-sharing” in the future. ” – that’s from the FoxNews article.

    2 – these “fusion centers” are a collaborative effort between law enforcement at every level of government. Their analysis, according to their website, brings together information from the public and all levels of government.

    Yes, this is a Missouri unit and the responsible authority, the Missouri Highway Patrol, today retracted the report, according to the Kansas City Star. Regardless of whether DHS had advance knowledge of the report’s contents, this is a poor bit of publicity for the centerpiece of information sharing.

    So, yes, I’m concerned. As a commenter noted, this is hardly the first time people have been accused of being subversive based on their political beliefs or lawful personal practices.

    • http://TidewaterLiberty.com Britt Howard

      At one time, if not still currently, groups opposing eminent domain abuse where labeled by the Commonwealth of Virginia as potential terrorists.

      Reference found at: http://virginianewssource.com/VNS/terrorismrpt.html

      Calling someone you disagree with a terrorist is just another way to attack the individual rather than their arguements. The state and federal governments apparently are not above that.

    • http://wwwamericanyouth.blogspot.com Steven Osborne

      How dare these people hold such radical ideals!

      Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness… What Kooks!

      — the British Monarchy(1776)

    • Mark

      You are a consipracy theroist – or at least a poor reader – though, I guess I can’t blame you, you fell into the Fox News blame Obama propaganda machine. (or, perhaps you are just trying to spread a little propagand yourself?)

      The “government” collective they are citing has NOTHING to do with the federal government, or the Obama administration. If you actually READ the article, you’ll find that it is in fact the “Missouri Information Analysis Center” whatever the hell that is. Probably funded by Fox News…

      Seriously, y’all need to let go of your Fox “News” inspired conspiracy theories.

    • http://www.littledavidobermark.blogspot.com/ LittleDavid


      Just wondering what size is that tin foil hat you wear on your head?

      Haven’t you heard that liberal Democrats are unhappy with their present majority in Congress? The liberals are unhappy that they had to include some moderates in order to get their majority. They’re going to work to get the not just more Democrats elected, but work to get the right kind of Democrats elected next time.

      Is history is going to repeat itself? Republicans were over confident with success and started listening to the likes of Rush Limbaugh. Democrats now seem to regret the success they obtained by appealing to moderates and might start listening to the DailyKOS.

      Victory is won by appealing to the center. Victory is not going to be won by placing tin foil hats on your head.

    • Max Shapiro

      “Thus it is said attaining one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the true pinnacle of excellence, subjugating the enemy without fighting is the true pinnacle of excellence…thus it can be said that the highest realization of warfare is to attack the enemies plans” – Sun Tzu

      In other words Little David, your statement about victory is dead wrong. Doing what you say is no victory, it is complete and utter defeat, nay, surrender.

    • http://www.littledavidobermark.blogspot.com/ LittleDavid


      OK, stand on your principle. But unless you can win the votes you are going to stand in defeat.

    • Max Shapiro

      You obviously have no principals, at least none that mean anything, therefore you have already been defeated.

      Whoever said that DCH is a poor reader is wrong, this report came from a think tank that was designed to do analysis for law enforcement, it gave the report to law enforcement, and law enforcement passed it around. Then they apologized and suggested putting the director of public safety on leave. Not a federal government thing correct, but certainly not some stupid fox news conspiracy.

    • http://www.bearingdrift.com Brian Kirwin

      First of all, geniuses like Max should know it’s principles, not principals, unless he was talking about who was in charge of your schools as a child.

      Second of all, you can stand on principles all day long, as long as the voters still elect you.

      How about some ultra-liberal Congressman who favors something and Max opposes it. Should Max contact his representative to urge him to change his position as his representative, or will Max pat him on the back for standing by his principles when he hangs up on Max.

    • Max Shapiro

      I would try and convince him to change his position, if he logically explained why he felt that way and was respectful I would pat him on the back for being a good person.

      Brian, I hope you realize every post you make is so idiotic, cynical and pointless that it gives me big laughs. You do no service to our party or our country.

      +1 for the principles thing though.

    • Mark

      Just FYI, ’cause this seems to have gotten lost, but the post was completely wrong in its assertions connecting the Obama Administration to this study. Seems to me that the poster should apologize and correct the post – or just remove it.

    • http://www.littledavidobermark.blogspot.com/ LittleDavid


      While I believe that Brian could accurately be described as a cynic (some cynicism is healthy) your description of his comments as pointless and idiotic are way off base.

      Brian is very adept at making extremely pointed comments with just a very few words. While you might disagree with the points that he makes (like I often do) you must respect that these opinions come from someone who is both informed and intelligent.

    • http://bearingdrift.com JR Hoeft

      Department of Homeland Security uses MIAC. It is definitely tied to the administration.

    • Mark

      First, that’s tenuous at best. Second, where’s the connection to DHS Jim? I didn’t see anything in the article. Which leads me to three. Assuming that there is a DHS connection, when did they publish this study/ when was the study ordered? It’s doubtful that a new appointee at DHS had much to do with a study that came out 50 days after Obama took office.

      So, I guess your outrage at the Administration should be pointed at Bush/ the GOP…?

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