A Devalued GovernmentPolicy

I have been extremely busy lately but came across this and just had to share it. Enjoy!

Now why can’t our legislators talk like this?

  • http://www.shaunkenney.com Shaun Kenney

    Because most of them don’t believe this?

    Just a guess.

  • Max Shapiro

    Because they are all terrified of the power bankers have here in America. Not a guess, just a fact.

  • http://www.amit-singh.com Amit

    both are true. as well as our politicians receiving significant campaign contributions from the banks. even Mr. Cantor himself:


  • novamiddleman

    Because the national Rs spent like drunken sailors

    In their pathetic budget document the main points are more tax cuts and not cutting any defense spending. A bunch of morons.

  • EJ

    “not cutting any defense spending.”

    How about not cutting spending period?

  • DCH

    this defines conservative viral… no flash. just good solid honest rant with humor and insults. When I saw it on Wednesday morning, it was at 30,000 views. Now it is at 1,292,692.