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State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, who’s vying for the GOP nomination for state attorney general, had some interesting thoughts in his latest “Cuccinelli Compass” on Rep. Rick Boucher (D-VA09):

From Cong. Rick Boucher’s World of the Absurd…

Yesterday morning, Cong. Boucher held a town hall meeting which he opened by ticking off all the great pork he was bringing to the district. That’s nice. Then the questions began.

The first question was “how are we going to pay for all of this stuff you’re buying Congressman?” His response was to talk vaguely about very little for a long time until people were presumably so numb that they didn’t even remember the question. He then commented that they had to pass the “stimulus” bill to save the economy. Ugh.

Then an older man expressed his opposition to abortion and to Boucher’s support for the so-called Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Astonishingly, Boucher said that there is no such thing as a Freedom of Choice Act, and he definitely wasn’t for it.

Now, that’s a strange answer for a guy who is a co-sponsor! To see the bill and the list of co-sponsors, go to:

During follow up questions about particular details of FOCA (e.g., forcing any hospital receiving federal funds to provide abortions), he again said he was against each detail of FOCA that he was asked about. Then why did he co-sponsor it? Several people in the audience had copies of the bill – with his name listed as a co-sponsor – hmmmm….

He then got more angry questions about TARP and the bailout bills, all of which he responded to by droning on without really answering the questions.

All in all, not a pleasant morning for Cong. Boucher. Of course, it probably didn’t help that he was very clumsily trying to deceive his own constituents…

There’s got to be a way to beat this guy…

Boucher does have at least one challenger for 2010: Ed Creed.

  • Chris Frashure

    Someone remind me which other AG candidate is so wired into almost everything in Virginia politics.

    Oh, that’s right, there are none!